1. Your return will be prepared by an experienced Tax Professional

This is our chief advantage over many providers that offer expat tax return preparation on the web. As a matter of fact, we strongly urge potential customers to read the fine print of any service provider before signing up. For example here are the Terms of Service (i.e. the Fine Print) of one Unnamed Competitor.
“Unnamed-Competitor helps you to organize your personal tax information and prepare it for submission to our qualified tax preparation facility. This Service is provided by Unnamed-Competitor and by third parties with whom we have working agreements (referred to in this agreement as “we” or “us”). Unnamed-Competitor is in no way liable for the acts and/or omissions of such third parties other than as specified within this Agreement.
Unnamed-Competitor is a data sorting and form preparation service only. We are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional services. Tax laws and regulations change frequently and the application of such laws and regulations can vary widely based upon specific facts and circumstances involved. You are encouraged to consult with your own professional tax advisors concerning your specific tax circumstances. We disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy or adequacy of any positions taken by you in your tax return(s). If legal, accounting or other expert assistance is required, a qualified provider of such services should be consulted.”
We actually tip our hat to the honesty of this competitor – as they openly admit (albeit in small print on a page most customers never see) that they offer a “data sorting and form preparation service”.

2. We provide free audit support to our clients

If audit applies to the year when we handled the tax return, we are fully prepared to face it and provide this service for free. All documentation needed for the client’s defense is at our disposal. This puts us in an advantageous position when compared to the traditional tax firms – as they don’t provide free audit support. Neither do they keep copies all supporting documents used for the return. We save our clients’ tax documents on the secure server, unless the client explicitly requests to delete his personal documents.

3. We have created a simple to use yet powerful and secure online system for filing your return

Clients upload their documents to our servers where they are stored in case they’re needed in the future. While option to email is also available, we do not recommend it for transmission of sensitive documents due to the insecure nature of the medium.